Would It Change A Thing?

Let me tell you a story about a constellation that painted a picture of a human.

If I told you a story about a constellation,

That painted a picture of a human,

With coupled twinkles,

and it was art as I saw it,

For the broken pieces,

Of the images,

Made me see you

Piece by piece...

Would it change a thing?

If I confessed you're etched in my heart

Deeper than the scars I hide,

Scars that cut red and blue

And that my heart bleeds

drops of love and pain,

And I can't keep it in,

Since each word is a knife,

Each tear burns

And I weep from the heart

From holes dug in utter pain,

Would it change a thing?

If I said that I never fell in love,

Since tripping and falling,

Were things I took care of,

As I walked,

And each glance I took at love I worked to erase

For I had to keep steady, to move with stealth

I feared the breaking

I knew it would destroy me

Lifelines beat again,

And straight lines get crooked at times,

But when I saw you,

I felt brand new

And it was transformative

I bloomed a new kind of white

And I did not fear the breaking

Not when your mere sight embraced my scars,

Would it change a thing?

If I said that your smile brightens up everything,

Like the fourth of July, wait, that phrase is copyrighted,

But no... no... no...

It's much brighter than the sun combined

It blinds me,

And your glow up,

Makes me feel warm,

Would it change a thing?

If I told you that the tick tock,

of three am used to send my heart sinking,

And I'd drown in my fears,

Choked by my inhibitions,

But these days,

I wake up to thoughts and dreams,

Of you and me,

Would it change a thing?

If I say you make me feel beautiful when I'm vulnerable

And you see these scars like an unfinished masterpiece

What I see to be completely broken

You see perfect imperfection

And with each touch, as light as it is,

I come alive, I feel alive,

Like I never have,

My mind sinks into a Utopia

My heart breathes out a rainbow

My feelings get jumbled up

My art gets distorted,

Your image confuses,

Every single system I possess,

And the confusion is reformation

I am made anew with your slight touch

You smile upon my chaos

Like and angel seeking chaos too

I'm refined, yes,

But I'm a sucker for pain

And I always get played like

Enter text here

I'm on repeat,

But still would it change a thing?

Written while listening to As Long As You Love Me by Justin Bieber and All Of Me by John Legend


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