Loving You Might Be An Illusion

Inside the confines of 'True Love'

Dear Blake,

I miss you so much, but I know it's the loneliness speaking,

Our endless calls, random talks,

Our walks by the park and down the rainy streets,

As we take candy and 'cream,

I miss feeling your touch, as light as it is,

It always made me feel like I was drifting through time,

Like a pocket of air,

And nothing else did matter

I miss watching the sunset with you,

As we hang around the beach

Staring at the horizons of what we have.

And counting the stars with our bucket lists,

You remember the evening breeze,

As it blows over our cuddling bodies?

Cause I always do,

But I am fighting hard against hard,

Not to come home to you,

As much as I want to,

Because if I go back to you

I won't be allowing myself to feel true love

And find someone who deserves me

What we had was nice

And I wish it was real

But we both know it was only real for me

This relationship wasn't ours

It was only mine

I refuse to let myself go back to you

Not because I don't love you

But because I do,

And loving you had its consequences,

Not because you aren't amazing,

But because you always have been,

And stars twinkle all day all night,

But they are only seen at night,

Despite how amazing they are

Though I'll always think of you

I think I finally know what I deserve

And we both know you can't give it to me

I am leaving for the unknown

But I am telling you why

Because the most painful thing

Even more painful than being abandoned

Is leaving without an explanation

I hope you find it in your heart

To forgive me for being like this

Our love was like magic

But magic can sometimes be...

Just an illusion.

Goodbye for now...

But we both deserve better.

Written while listening to Consequences by Camila Cabello


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