On Smaller gods

Is there a God? Does he see? Does he care?

"At the trial of God we will ask: Why did you allow all this? And an answer will be an echo: "Why did you allow this?"

Deaf republic

My favorite post masturbation activity is just lying there surfing other social networks. Perhaps to assuage the guilty feeling. Anyway as I was going through my Instagram feed I came across the above quotation by Ilya Kaminsky, a poet, from his book Deaf Republic. I would like to say that I found those words profound at that moment but I guess I was reeling with hormones and lots of post nut clarity. Yes! For the non-liberal you can roll your eyes.

Three days or so, contemplating about the injustices of this world. I guess it was lunch time, funny how much of the injustices occurs during lunchtime. No, not the big socio- political injustices. I am talking about the small injustices that drive men to tears and wonder if God or a higher power really do exist. Walk down the streets you will see what am talking about. People with no limbs or worse off eyesight begging on sidewalks in order to survive. Children dying in the hands of helpless mothers because of hunger. People losing their loved ones to murder and other un- imaginable ways. More or less we are all a suffering lot aching for one thing or the other.

Some turn to churches, others the drinking den in order to cope with the curve balls life keeps throwing at them. Which leads me to my soliloquy. Is there a God? Does he see? Does he care? If he does, why does he maintain a cold indifference to the happenings of man? Does the beggar on the street believe in a god?

The question of his existence is a matter of debate. No one can run with the torch of truth and convince the whole lot of over seven billion people. What we humans fail to realize however, is that we are each other gods. Each one of us is a god in his or her unique way. And as gods we have the power to create a better world, not perfect, but just a bit better to the next fellow. Perhaps God is dead, as Nietzsche once put it. Perhaps he is not dead, as the famous boy band Newsboys put it.

Maybe he is just waiting on us, hoping we realize that he created us in his own image, and with that comes the power to create a better world. Reaching out to the unfortunate not because we believe in God or not but because it is the godly thing to do (not human sacrifices though like some gods????????). For we are the lesser gods. So that at the trial of God we won't hear our own echo but the laughter of those we put a smile upon.


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