On The Dream Worth A Wake Up

So please, dear, Don't wake up this time round.

Just because we aren't there,

For each other like we used to,

Doesn't mean that I don't love you.

Just because I can't hold your hand,

As we walk down the street,

Doesn't mean that I don't want a future with you,

Just because we can't look at the sunsets,

Building castles in our air

And making out under the grace of the sun, moon and stars,

Doesn't mean that we can't be happy,

Ours is a history that time can't erase,

I still close my eyes and see you smile,

If I close my eyes, I can see your shadows,

Naked and full of focus,

If I inhale deep enough, I can still feel your scent envelope me,

Like a cloud touching and hugging each part of me,

If I slit my wrists, the love you gave me oozes,

And all the smiles and happiness flow out

If I nudge at my veins, they pump of pain and reject,

But it's all okay right...?

If I think of you, I don't want to regret,

I don't want to break any more mirrors,

I don't want your favorite vases destroyed,

I don't want chaos and havoc anymore,

I want my mirrors to reflect the sun,

And you were my sun,

Bright and yellow,

Casting shadows of a not so dark hue,

But the sun is still a bright star, right?

I wondered where I initially saw you.

Because like they always said,

You must've fell from the skies,

But now, why would you do that much for me,

You should have just taken me away,

To a place you lived in,

To that place you thrived in,

To the place where you first smiled,

at the sound of my heartbeat, or so you said,

Right after the god of love,

Stroked us with his arrows untold,

It was a long time ago.

Every time the wind blows, I can feel your caress on my face,

Like a hand, gently holding out my wounds,

I can feel the kisses, and you laying them one by one,

The waves of the endless seas remind me of our nights,

When the blanket of the starry nights covered our bosoms,

When our skins shown with a silver glow,

Whispering of tales that the tips of our fingers could tell,

Nostalgia hits me hard and I get lost in my mind,

Reminiscing on our moment's past,

Memories that we might not ever re-live,

My rainbows are thinning out,

Like the reds in it, getting closer to the purples,

I don't know what the colors are morphing to,

but it isn't as bright as before,

So please bring a crayon,

One or two I'd love,

And let's paint our kind of rainbow,

And not use the ends

To kill the part of us,

That we love,

My time is now like a dying flame,

Being blown out by the silent winds,

We channeled that to it,

In hope to rekindle the fire,

But it is blowing it out

But does it have to end...

Can't we make the strings of destiny bend...just a little...

Are we too perfect to let go...of our faults and inhibitions...?

Are we too raw to forgive and live...?

Like the morning glory we can bloom after this darkness, I'm sure.

The future is there for us to harness,

The force is ours to master,

The emotions for the chi,

Take my hand,

Let's focus on what matters,

And just love me for one last night,

Kiss me this one last time and make it count,

Take me into you, all that is sweet is inside of you,

Let me steal your embrace for a while,

I'm talking of your essence and presence,

Let me hold you like no man ever has,

Let us curl ourselves into balls of fire that we can't fight,

Let our bodies be the fire that burns for the whole night,

Our desires bringing our memories back to life,

And maybe when the morning sun springs back to life,

You'll hold me a little bit closer, and I'll kiss you a little bit more,

And maybe watch the purple stretch a little bit more,

Our night-escapade glow...painting into the sky a beautiful rainbow

With perfect hues, and shades for a bow,


So please, dear Dennis,

Don't wake up this time round.

Written while listening to Are You Still Happy? by Ryan Williams &MVNENE


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