On The Twist In My Story

"Hey, umm don't fret, I'm a klutz too"

The light pierces the cafe,

I hurry to take my cup of coffee,

And as I exit the lane,

I bump into someone,

A girl, with hair of blue,

And crystals for eyes,

My coffee spills on her blouse

Of heaps of white and streaks of cream,

And my body collapses onto the cold hard concrete,

I usher in numerous apologies,

As I struggle to rise,

Well, it's what they do,

And I struggle to pick up my spectacles too,

From the floor,

I balance the frames on my nasal bridge,

She also says sorry,


Not just sorry...

"Hey, umm don't fret, I'm a klutz too"

I have heard that voice before,

Or so I think,

It was that voice that used to calm me,

And I...I... I am staring at this beautiful mess,

That I broke,

A year or two before,

I don't really remember,

Her name and face faded too,

But her voice never did,

And maybe I am wrong,

Maybe it's all in my head,

So I rise up,

And my mind clears,

I see her,

She sees me,

I see her soul,

Lit up like a warm cozy fire.

She's happy.

Whether to see me,

Or not,

I don't know,

But I see her heart,

The one I broke,

I see the shards of her brittle glass heart,

Now whole but not so strongly held together.

But she's okay.

She'd healed,

Moved on.

She smiled and walked away.

"It was nice seeing you again"

I was happy.


She was happy,

I hope it stays this way.

Because another streak of a love you phrase,

Or a miss you phrase,

Wouldn't be believed,

For it's a world where everyone lies.


Written while listening to A Twist In My Story by Secondhand Serenade


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