Like I was enough

You made me feel like I was enough.

I promised myself,

That never would I ever,

Fall in love,

But it was four a.m.,

And we were laughing way too hard,

And I felt happy

For the first time

In a long time,

You know those flies,

That one gets,

When the heart starts to beat again,

The spikes of that lifeline considered dead,

Well, this time, maybe it was too seismic,

Cause everything, I owned,

Everything I had

Was trembling,


From my head, to my heart,

And the tremors shook everything else,

And threw me way ahead of time,

In a time when we'd have us.

I felt me waiting for each text,

Each pop-up message,

Waiting for every crack up,

Cause with every insane crack,

My cracks were healing too,

When the clocks strike three,

This time, I didn't cut,

I didn't knot,

I didn't frown,

This time I was so soaked,

With the shreds of piercing laughter,

And you trying to sing to my "amazingness",

I said you were beautiful,

And you talked of my lashes,

You smiled at my scar,

And tried to touch it,


There's a plural in that word,

Of the scars intended,

You said you found beauty in each scar,

sign of survival,

I showed you the ones on my wrists,

And neck,

You didn't run,

You didn't flinch,

You just stared,


At four a.m.

And kissed each little scar,

And made me,

Feel like I...

Like I was,


Written while listening to Holy Water by SAKIMA.

Photo Credits: Ian Mvoi. IG: @_mvoi


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