On Little D's

Did they tell you that yours is so lil you can't even hold it in your hands?

Did they tell you that yours is so lil you can't even hold it in your hands? That you have to use a microscope to see it? Or maybe you survived by chance and they never got to see you but you are insecure. Insecure that you may not be able to satisfy that girl. Insecure that if you went to bed with her she'll announce to her friends how your thing should have been named a microvillus?

Now, let's face it guys. Well, most of us, if not all, have been through that stage. Actually, it's an everyday phase. Each time you go to take a bath you see it and question yourself, 'is this enough to make her scream?'. Most of the times the answer will be no. Because it's not like what we see in porn. It's not like your friend's back in high school or primary school. The reality is that it'll never be.

It's seen as a form of 'power', 'prestige'. Such that if yours is small you have to fix yourself on that corner while peeing. Such that if yours is huge enough, it gives you the confidence to pee at the center of that 'peeing line' and not care a bit. But really, is it something that we should be worried about as men? Ask all the girls in your class or workplace or just those around you. None of them will tell you they like it small. They want huge ones. The ones they can't engulf. The ones that are almost the size of their thighs.

But just come to think about it bruh. How many men do you think have huge dicks? How many average? And how many below average? You'll now quickly run to Google and bring the results to me. But no. Let's be logical. You think all those chics out there saying they want it big get someone who has it big? All of them? Is it the first thing they ask you when you meet? Like "Nigga if you ain't big don't even say hi''? No.

Plus, if a girl really loves you she loves you for what you are no matter what. She accepts you for you. She agrees yes, you have it average or small but it's what we'll work with. She'll choose you again and again over all those big ass dick niggas she ever meets. And she'll never make it seem like an abnormality. She'll never see you as a misfit. She'll embrace you and your bro down there.

The truth is, only a whore finds every dick unsatisfactory. Coz hers isn't just a pussy but another black hole - no end. It absorbs everything that comes its way. You might be wondering why NASA ain't getting a glimpse of it. Tihihi. Okay, that's not cool but it's the truth man. Stay away from hoes coz they'll humiliate you. They are the ones who can differentiate small, average and huge.

So please, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop feeling bad that the guy in that porn you watched yesternight at 01:32am triples you. Don't feel bad when you hear girls conversing and all they say is they like it big. Shine with your 2.7 inches and whoop that wine down your throat like a boss. After all, no one really gives a fuck about you, except you.

Most of life is just average. All human beings are average. Even you. We all obey the normal distribution. The bell curve. I may not have a concrete reason as to why the creator didn't assign us all the same qualities. But just come to think about it, if we all had the same qualities it literally means we'd be the same. Coz even our faces would be the same. There would be no standard unit for anything coz hey, we all like what's the need of a standard measure? We would all think the same way. Now you tell me, where would the joy be in that? See it's no joy. We need to be dynamic. And dynamism brings about all these different characteristics we got. Trees are of different lengths and widths. And so are humans of different heights and body weights. That's why we have different dick sizes. If we all were huge, then by definition there wouldn't be huge. Coz it would be normal. We got to appreciate nature and all it's got for us.


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