On The Letter I Stumbled Upon

Well, hello there, Greetings to you!

Well, hello there,

Greetings to you,

I won't ask you how you are,

Because I have been through that,

And we both know you hide everything inside,

So that nothing surprises you.

I will tell you a little something though,

The reason why we never go through our poetry,

This I discovered only a few weeks ago

That I fail to react your poetry regularly,

Not because I'm busy,

Battling who I think I am,

Not because I listen more to sad songs,

Than I write them,

But because it feels like looking into the mirror,

And seeing the man I've been trying to escape.

Or it feels like home,

And I'm afraid the tornadoes in my head

Will always leave me homeless.

But if you pull that trigger,


I won't get to write you this.

I will never get to write you this,

And show you my thanks,

For not listening to them,

And tell you that because you were strong,

Especially this summer,

And because of that,

The you of the future,

Is safe.

I am safe.

Days are going to be hard.

Especially in the next year.

People are going to leave,

Your wounds will open up,

Your flaws will manifest,

Even worse than you are,

Your heart will be broken

Yet again,

It will be crushed,

By people you hold so close,

You'll fall off your high horse,

And trust me, it will hurt.

Like everything else,

Remember each time we always tried to fit in,

But we wouldn't and we'd say that,

We are dying roses,

Next year summer,

You'll find a lot of red,

On your petals,

Believe me, it won't be grim.

But don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid of the thorns,

You have to go through that,

So that the animal I am,

Gets to be born.

Remember that everything never lasts,

It's like sentences.

Well, you know...

All sentences have periods.

But don't let it limit you.

Don't let it kill the flame,

Of which I am enjoying its warmth.

I hope you understand why I tell you this,

But all in all,

Just know,

It's going to be okay.

You will be just fine.

And when you hopefully find this

I know nobody has told you,

To have a merry Christmas,

So, have a merry Christmas,

From one person who really loves you,

The One Who Never Got Away.

Yours loving,

The You from The Future.

Written while listening to Fly by Hopsin


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