On My Love Poison

Feelings become alien, Love becomes war, And so, the story goes...

Paralyzed hands, we can't hold a moment,

We can't harness what we feel,

Feelings become alien,

Love becomes war,

And so, the story goes,


My mind can't run around what you say,

My thoughts can't replay our memories,

It's like they are plagued,

Fighting for a cause that ain't its own,

Forgive me for obstructing your English words,

But ain't works pretty good for me these days,

Lips cracked, we can only kiss goodbye,

At least a couple of streaks here and there,

But I forget at times,

You see these short-lived things,

The ten-second moments,

Between my lips and yours,

Is what I crave,

Is what I miss,

But now we are miles apart,

Like dreams from reality,

You tasted like life, like healing,

From the insides of my frail dying body,

Your presence is now like insect in a fresh open wound,

Sticking out like a sore,

Painful, sucking on the bad memories,

But it's okay with me,

Since it's what we bred on,

The kind of love bred by pain,

Bred by remorse,

Bred by comebacks and clapbacks,

And I can't do anything about it.

I now feel different,

Well, I could say so,

I notice more things,

Like the color of the moon,

When the shades appear, at least once in a while,

As if the full moon is half way up,

The half-moon fully up, sometimes,

Reflections from the sun,

I notice the blue lightning,

Sparks lighting the night but darkness remains

And now as I paint my final piece,

Laying stacks of black and blue,

I hope this comes out as a masterpiece,

So that you see,

That all the pieces,

That I once had to collect,

Are glued,

And colored.

Written while listening to Man Down by Rihanna and Love Poison by KidLewi


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