Sadly Ever After

But then, who said that love and friendship are mutually exclusive?

You know,

the saddest things in life,

are not in the people we love,

It's not in who falls in love with us,

but in the walls we build to keep each other out.

But first,

Allow me to tell you,

Of the countless lies I was fed with,

I was told that Cinderella, the famous princess who lost her shoe,

Went to a ball, and fell in love,

I was told that Sleeping Beauty, the famous princess who slept for a number of years,

Was cursed, but arose from a kiss from her Charming,

I was told of Belle, the beauty who found love in a dead castle,

I was told of countless love stories,

Maybe Peter Pan, and Wendy, loving each other without growing old,

One of them lost in the stars,




That this may never be my story,

I'm afraid that I may never experience love worthy of any book, save for my diary.

See, the people I always fell in love with,

Never really did love me the way I wanted to,

I always felt worthy of a little bit more.

It made no sense in us living happily without the 'ever after'


How every soul that intertwines with mine always ends up in my mass grave;

A little box with mementos, that I call the Ex-Box

This box holds my many tears, as many as the tiers on the wedding cake my exes and I will never get to cut.

And I thought I was done


I met another soul

That's been down the same road as mine

Real recognized real,

And our energies matched

Here stood the human that would finally never see the four walls of my Ex-box

Because I was already deep into his


none of us was ready to give it a shot



Were afraid

Afraid of the sparks that come from cupid's arrow

Scratching on the surface of our stone hearts.

Because life in its element taught us this-

Where there is a flame, there is bound to be a fire

Where there is a fire someone's bound to get friend-zoned

But well, you see that fire...

I won't say much, my scars scream louder.

But then, who said that love and friendship are mutually exclusive?


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