On The Irony of Life

The irony of life is not death. It's what you keep dead inside while you're alive - Kartikey Singh

Life is a topic that most, if not all, of us have dabbed in either in a casual conversation or a heated debate. Talking about stuff like the meaning of life, life's worth, and even things like karma and fate. I find the topic of life altogether fascinating. Diving into it reveals so many mysteries, so many inconsistencies. I find it like a maze that never comes to an end. In fact, the perceived end is just the beginning of something grand. However, for those who don't believe in life after death you also could say that death is the end.

As you can see just the fact that life comes to an end is already a situation I could base my topic on but for now I'll speak on more day to day life experiences.

The irony of life is that the older I get the more the black and white lines from childhood start to blur into a distinct shade of grey. It becomes harder and harder to tell how to deal with circumstances concerning other people. Ironically, life becomes a place where the most heartless people get heartbroken yet the people with the biggest hearts can be completely heartless, where the people closest to you tend to harm you yet you can find comfort in a stranger.

All this summed up brings about the unpredictable nature of life and as such people tend to lean on karma and superstitions. They provide some way to guide their days, to get them out of bed, a way to navigate life's uncertainties and blurred lines.

Nevertheless, life has a way of changing people for the better or for the worse, depending on one's point of view. In simpler terms, I could quote to a familiar saying "don't judge a book by its cover." To some being in touch with one's emotions and fully controlling them is considered a win, and to others the sweet embrace of their cold dark self is much better solace than anyone could ever hope to imagine.

Still, people's different natures that are subject to change at a whim are what make life interesting. It's the same way we find ourselves in relationships we aren't even sure how to get out of. Stories roam of people starting out sweet and nice and a few months in become unrecognizable in every sense of the word.

This inconsistency may seem like a bad thing but I find it comforting in the sense that even on your very worst day, when nothing falls in place and you are at the breaking point, you can just find hope in the fact that life never stays constant. The circumstance you have been thrown in or have created for yourself will pass. Even though you don't recover completely there will be days you won't even remember the weight or burden you may be carrying at the moment.

That is why I enjoy the little things in life and take every new experience with interest at the mystery that lies ahead. Will this person react this way to this or will they turn the other way? It's almost like a personal drama at your disposal. So enjoy the ironies of life just like every other irony that can't be explained and life will just become that much more intriguing.


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